Boyscout - Phillip Bourgiene is a name that comes up a lot. I first heard about him in the eighties and then many years later on one of matt's SBG tapes. Along with four ranges and co, I predict a return of old style savate SD. I have seen Danials types and it's very cool.It's a very small world and it's also strange how you can be living next door to someone who is a former great but no longer trains. I met someone last year who used to train in the sixties in judo at a world class level and dabled in boxing. He demoed some stuff which looked like Luis's ISR clinch with cloth stuff, which is super to see. I gave him some pride/ufc dvds for Christmas.Strange for the uk but then there was a lot more wrestling clubs and there used to be some intresting after hours matches, some of which were won from the mount with ground and pound.It's all good.

re reading this some time later makes me realise how lucky I have been over the years with my instructors.

A few years ago some guys tried to mug my judo friend (above), who is now in his sixties, result one attacker thrown and knocked clean out, the others fled.

Happy times and life.