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Roy Harris >> Arm drags - setups

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6/11/06 9:36 PM
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Roy, Firstly, thanks in advance for reading this. If you don't have time to read and respond, I can appreciate the fact that you're busy. [Long-ish post warning]. I've recently been reviewing Kesting's butterfly/x-guard DVD (which is fantastic), and found an area that I'd like to work on: the armdrag/taking the back. I'm still getting the motion of the snap and butt scoot, but, can you let me in on something I haven't seen covered in DVDs yet? That is to say, I haven't seen many 'setups' for the armdrag from butterfly on DVDs (granted I only have Kesting's butterfly DVD, and Marcelo Garcia 2, but all the arm drag techniques start in a neutral guard/kneel position). To draw an analogy of what I want to get to, imagine when you mount someone, and they extend their arm, you arm bar. When they're as experienced, you attempt a choke from mount, fake a shoulder crank, and you then peel the arm for the arm bar. Setups and "entries" are such an important aspect. So, what sought of situations would be a trigger for the arm drag? What sought of strategies (setups) do you use to prompt the person to react to enable you to 'go to' the arm drag? I've been thinking of a couple: (reaction) when the opponent is about to pin your butterfly hooks, or (action) you flow an underhook to force a reaction, and when the opponent tries to recounter by underhooking himself, you hit it as he's doing it. Thoughts? -Charles
6/25/06 12:20 AM
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Roy Harris
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Charles, All of the "set-ups" for the arm drag come from simple movements and positions such as: 1. Any posture from inside the guard. 2. Anytime an opponent pushes down on your knee to uncross your ankles. 3. Any time your opponent pushes your hand or arm away while you are attempting a collar choke. In short, all of your basics are your "set-ups." Roy Harris

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