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8/14/06 10:01 AM
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Salamone's Wrestling Plan
I am trying to better understand the relationship between a group of settings.  I am working primarily for television format now but will re-render and re-author the videos for computer monitor later so I need to understand the best settings for both venues.  Presently, I am working in Ulead's Media Studio Pro P7.3 (editing program) and Work Shop 2 (authoring program) althogh these questions I suspect cut across specific software.  First, am I correct in believing that settings for computer monitor need to be the same for the newer LCD, plasma, etc. televisions that will be increasing in use in the not to distant future?  My video is a wrestling instructional with lots of movement and also many text displays to highlight the various points I discuss and demonstrate.  I have one brief "still" image of about 10 seconds that is gradually panned in on (I think that is the term), otherwise all is moving video.
I am interested in knowing the relationship between nonsquare pixel rendering, field based vs. frame based, and image deinterlace and any other setting that may have bearing that I am not cognizant of for the two media venues I wish to present my videos to.
For (primarily) regular television:  Are the most appropriate settings:
    -chosen...field based with lower field first.
    -checked...nonsquare pixel rendering
    -unchecked...image deinterlace
For (primarily) computers (also LCD, plasma televisions?):  Are the most appropriate settings:
    -chosen...frame based
    -unchecked...nonsquare pixel rendering
    -checked...image deinterlace
Some of what I have read involving image deinterlacing seems to involve improving (possible) flicker on still pictures (perhaps with some degradation of video) as the only issue (and only if there is some discernable flicker) but some of what I read indicates that with frame based video with lots of movement there can be some improvement.  I also wonder if this setting has any bearing on the text that I utilize to highlight points (done in MSP, not WS2).  This concept, in particular, is confusing to me.
One other issue if I may.  I have been rendering my videos at a speed of 7000 kbs, variable bit rate, and two-pass.  Is is correct that if I continue to go up higher (8000) that I risk compatability problems on set top players?
I would very much appreciate some advice and guidance on these issues.  I understand that I may have to experiment some but am looking for the most rational place to start.  Thanks.
Rich Salamone

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