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8/15/06 7:42 PM
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Edited: 15-Aug-06
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Tony, This year's Combatives Camp in Las Vegas was an incredible experience. Although I was only able to attend the last two days, I gained an incredible amount of insight into the universal applications of the S.P.E.A.R. System whether it is standing, sitting, clinching, grounded or ground fighting. For example, it was fascinating to see the Tactical Get Up position used to defend against a mount, as a set of spikes for your opponent to land on after being thrown, as knee ride from the top position and of course, as a way to get off the ground, tactically. Tony Torres did an outstanding job instructing the Close Quarter Form and showing ways it can be utilized as a warm up, as a strengthening exercise and of course the combative applications, again, standing or grounded. Coach Blauer stole the show by demonstrating, over and over again, from any ground position, the utility and practicality of the S.P.E.A.R. As usual, each block of instruction built on the next. The cumulative lesson was both powerful and inspiring. The Power of One was explained and demonstrated again and again. Yet another highlight of the Camp for me was seeing Coach Blauer work the Combat Clinch while explaining the important points of the position and how to make it work. Of course, all the explanations and applications were preceded by the question, "How did we get here"? Hopefully all the participants of the camp will remember to think about and apply the stimulus, stimulus, response theory to their training and practice. Dr. Robert Smith gave us a brilliant and passionate lecture covering physiology, psychology and truth about combat and real fighting. He is a unique combination of healer and warrior. He came to Tony's system to research and ended up an advocate. It was an amazing presentation. Thanks Doc! All in all I would rate this as one of the best camps ever. My mind is still buzzing from the information overload, but I have already started to practice what I have learned and am much better for the experience. Thanks for everything Coach! Mike Suyematsu
8/15/06 8:22 PM
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Edited: 15-Aug-06 08:22 PM
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BTCMS Combat Camp Las Vegas 2006! I agree with Mike 100%, awesome camp! I have waited a long time for a chance to train ground fighting with Coach Blauer and it was worth the wait! The SPEAR applications for grappling and ground fighting were eye opening to say the least. The drills we did this weekend really cemented "faith in physiology" for me. Training with Randy Couture was a once in a lifetime experience! Thank you Randy for the opportunity and thank you Coach for setting it up for all of us. Dr. Robert Smith's discussion of the science behind the SPEAR system was particularly intriguing to me. Dr. Smith's validation of what Coach Blauer has intuited all these years certainly adds to my "substance" matter. To the entire BTCMS staff, great job! To all the camp participants thanks for coming and training. Everyone I trained with had an open mind and desire to learn. If you couldn't make this year's camp, plan on attending next year's camp, I'm sure it will be better than ever! Rob Gebhart
8/15/06 10:21 PM
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Edited: 15-Aug-06 10:28 PM
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Coach,team, and fellow mmatv forum members My son and I just returned from Las Vegas. Another incredible experience with Tony, Staff, PDR Team,many MA instructors at this years combat camp. Friday we were treated to Greco Roman wrestling techniques with Randy Couture. How cool it was to get one on one training with one of the top UFC fighters and trainers. Randy thank you from my son and myself, you are a great inspiration to all of us, to the point, and down to earth. Tony's grapling and ground fighting drills, scenarios, and evolutions were spot on. SPEAR system tools, targets, and tactics for the ground fight. Dr. Robert Smith gave another informative lecture on the physiology of the SPEAR system, why and how it works from a medical and scientific perspective. This was my 6th training sesions with BTCMS, and as always,BTCMS delivers new information and creates light bulb moments. Simply I learn more for every hour spent training than anywhere else. Anyone interested in Confrontation Management, no matter what type it may be, needs to experience Tony's seminar's first hand. You will learn the most funtional Confrontation management system available. Thank you one and all, Tony, your staff, the PDR team, and all the paticipants of this years camp. My son and I had a great time Jack Burke PDR coach
8/22/06 11:30 AM
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Edited: 23-Aug-06 12:14 PM
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Thanks coach, Tony T and staff for setting up the best camp yet. I can't add to the already excellent comments above. I just want to add how proud I am to be a member of the PDR team. It was great training with Rob and Jason Dury as well as connecting with teammates John Goodman, Bill Hacket, Jack Burke, Derrick Brown, Ricky Johnston, Danny Evans, Rob Pincus, Mike Suyematsu and Brad Kocka. Looking forward to seeing more of the team at the November PDR. Tom Arcuri PDR Coach
8/25/06 3:28 PM
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Mixed Martial Arts LLC

Some images from the camp!









8/26/06 4:33 PM
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Edited: 26-Aug-06 08:00 PM
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This was an awesome training camp. Getting to meet, and learn from Randy was incredible; especially when you consider how 'underground' Greco wrestling is, in comparison to Freestyle. Very nice guy, and increible Coach. I look forward to his new DVD series coming out in about 6 months. If you have ever wanted to explore true groundfighting, for personal defense, Tony has just what you need. A simple, thorough method of defending yourself from the clinch & ground. The application of the SPEAR system, mimics the standing application...it will work for you, no matter what the position, very brilliant stuff. I'm a long time grappler, but Tony's groundfighting approach really puts things in perspective. We did not learn any submissions, everyone probably knew them already, because the only ones used/shown, were the most basic, effective ones. But, we did learn how to apply the SPEAR System principles that we use standing, to the groundfight. We covered basic control tactics, combined with the Half-SPEAR, to inflict major damage, and to negate/escape attacks. The end result was very brutal. Thanks to Tony, his Core Coaches & Staff, Randy, and everyone who attended, it was great! Danny Evans PDR Team
10/16/06 3:33 AM
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Edited: 16-Oct-06
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any chance the camp was recorded? and possibily released as dvd set? sounds like an awesome experience, shame i missed it. thanks

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