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8/30/06 12:37 PM
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Amal Wins the Gold at his weight by finishing all opponants... and takes the Bronze in the Absolute Congratz to WORLD CHAMPION Amal Easton Denver Academy 320 N Broadway Denver, Co 80203 303-623-1715 Boulder Academy 1750 30th St. Boulder, CO 80303 303-938-1275 WWW.EastonBJJ.com Coverage from his weight class: "In total, Amal had three fights, where he managed to submit every single one of his opponents not only with grace and speed, but also with variety, using an arm-bar, triangle and the banana split. The first fight was against a tough polish black belt, who appeared to have dangerous stand-up. Within seconds Amal sensed his stand up ability and decided to pull guard. From there amal managed to handle the polish monster quite easily. Within in 20 seconds amal already had swept him, from there he passed his guard with ease. With the position secured Amal successfully put the knee in stomach. Two minutes had passed and Amal was already winning 7 zip. However, Amal decided to go for the finish, where he took the triangle from knee on stomach. Soon After the triangle was sunk in deep, the Poll was tapping. Amal's second fight was against a Brazilian, where once again Amal pulled guard. Amal's opponent felt comfortable as he moved towards half-guard, moving up an advantage. However, Amal quickly adjusted to the position and managed to pull off a beautiful sweep from the half-guard, and in a scramble Amal was beginning to take his opponents back. The opponent began to defend his back and in the process amal adjusted and managed to pass his guard. From there, Amal had a collar choke sunk in, his opponent tried to defend the choke and in the process, left his arm available for an arm lock. Amal did not hesitate to go for the close, as he grabbed the arm and swiftly through his leg over his head securing a tight arm lock and forcing his opponent to tap. Amal's third and final fight, was by far the most suspenseful. Right off the bat Amal's opponent pulled closed guard. Once inside his guard, the guy went for a triangle, it was a relatively tight triangle, however amal managed to maintain his composure and posture, managing to render the triangle ineffective. But now, being one advantage up, his opponent did not seem to be in a hurry to release the triangle, and with time ticking down amal decided that if he wanted to be the world champion he would have to move fast. He attempted the step-over escape, where he successfully escaped and in the scramble, ended up on top. From there, amal was hungry and determined to finish the fight. Within seconds of being in his opponents guard, he had already passed. After Amal had passed his guard his opponent attempted to escape by going to all fours, where Amal took his back. After that, the opponent managed to escape one hook, from their Amal adjusted and set up and finished with the banana split. Amal arrived on the sidelines with a big grin, happy that he had finally accomplished the great feat of winning the master world's championship."
10/28/06 4:02 PM
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Holy shit. We are vey lucky to have such an amazing grappler in the state of Co. He has done so much for JJ/Grappling in this state. Congrats!

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