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9/15/02 3:33 PM
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Hello Everyone, I would like to share an experience one of my students shared with me. My student Drew was at the beach with 5 of his buddies when they wanted to go to a party that was happening. He didn't want to party so stayed in the park area and rested on a park bench. At some point after his buddies had gone, he felt someone smack him on the belly. It was a stranger and 4 of his friends. He said " What are you doing here. You should be partying on the beach". Drew got up and explained he wasn't into partying right now and was waiting for his friends. At this point Drew was in his ready stance (NVP), hands up and open, relaxed but protecting his head,to talk with the guy. He told him he didn't want any trouble and started to leave the area. The guy stepped in front of him and said "If you don't get down to the beach and party, I'm going to count to 3 and then lay you out". Some dialogue was exchanged, and then the guy began counting. Drew noticed the guys fist closing up tight and starting to chamber. Drew threw a left hand then a right, and knocked the guy out cold. He looked around at the guys buddies, they didn't move. Drew pushed the guys body with his foot, the guy was definetly out, so he left the scene and hooked up with his buddies. The importance of the experience right now his I asked Drew if he felt his training had anything to do with the outcome, and he said that if he wasn't training he would have talked to the guy with his hands down low, not up, and he wouldn't have been looking for the body language the guy gave him regarding the fist closing and chambering. As Drew and his buddies were leaving, this guy came back with his friends and started with Drew again. Got in his face and told him " Your gonna fucking get it". Drew said " Listen, why don't you be smart and leave, I am." The guy went to sucker punch, And Drew moved in to him , covered with the shield (protective spear), and the punch ended up landing behind Drew's head. The guy held Drew and threw him to the ground. He ended up in between Drew's legs and started to wail on him. Drew slid out and took his back, and put a choke on him. Held it until the guy went limp, then got off him and checked things out. No one else got involved because both parties friends were checking each other. The guy Drew choked was gagging and trying to breathe. Drew and his buddies left and made it home safe. As for choking the guy, Drew told me that he didn't think of doing it, he just did it. He felt throught the repetition of training drills and scenarios, he reacted naturally to the situation, and he couldn't believe how calm he felt throughout it. This is a great success story because I have witnessed the change in Drew through his training,and now through this confrontation, he has experienced the changes for himself. To be part of that growth, it makes me beleive even more in what I am teaching. And what I am teaching is a direct result of my interaction with great teachers, such as my mentor Burton Richardson, and Phil Hughes. I am enrolled in the PDR Program, getting ready to attend the next session in 2003. I am looking forward to it, and will continue to share any success stories I have with you. Thank you for reading, Rich Beaupit rich@richbeaupit.com
9/19/02 1:11 PM
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Tony Blauer
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Great story Rich and I look forward to meeting you finally at the PDR Instructor session, I think what would be most beneficial for the readers here as well as for your students is to identify the specific PDR principles that allowed the fight to evolve the way it did as well as influnce the outcome. The post-incident debrief analysis is every bit as important as the training... This is crucial as many people dont realize that my research is about HELPING OTHER MARTIAL ARTISTS TO ACCESS THEIR PHYSCIAL TOOLS. We always said the SPEAR SYstem was a birdge to the tools (complex motor skills) of your system. In this case, as examplem Drew had his boxing tools and grappling tools, but had he not had the verbal/choice speech skils as well, the fear managemnt tool to stay cool, confidence inthe NVP strategy and CWCT APP he may have let anger or fear telegraph his intention to defend himself... Again, it is the subtlty of the system that creates the cohesion for those who already comminted to the physical training. Lastly, while Drew was in the proverbial ring, if it werent for you, your willingness to adapt, research and maintain an open mind, he would not have benefited from Burton, Phil or our PDR research. Congrats Rich. Tony

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