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Royce Gracie >> Attn: Royce and or Mike

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9/3/06 12:40 PM
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Hey Guys,
I thought since U both post on MMA.tv that U would be interested in all the shit talk going on at jiujitsugear.com/forum

Ever since the tuff episode last Friday the Royce bashing is insane.  Here are a couple of the titles of the topics...

Royce Gracie isn't so special
Why would Laimon talk smack on Royce???
Why are Royce's black belts so quiet after the Laimon comments?

The lead from:
Royce Gracie isn't so special:
I'm sick of the whole " we owe Royce so much" crap.  In the U.S. we were so enamored by his accomplishments and technique while in Brazil he was  just another spoiled member of an affluent family.  Guys like Sperry, Ismael and Bustamante must've been wondering who the heck he was.  In fact, I find it kind of funny that as soon as seasoned warriors like Ruas showed up, Royce disappeared.  He did introduce the technique to our country but the platform was created by his brother who handed him the opportunity.  There are so many others from Brazil that could have done the same thing.  Just imagine some  Americans who now know the techniques.  If they went somewhere, with people unaware of BJJ, they would be legendary.  Right place, right time for Royce nothing more or less.  There is no reason to put him on a pedestal above anyone else.

I should say there are a lot of people defending Royce and the other family members "Pat "HAWK" Hardy for 1" but for every guy defending there are 3 bashing... I know arguing over the internet is insane and a joke but most of these posts have gone to far...


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