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9/6/06 9:46 PM
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Samson killed a lion with his bare hands, Heracles killed the Nemean lion with no weapons when his arrows bounced off him. Samson was renowned for his having his hair cut, Heracles was made bald after escaping the dragon's belly. Samson was destroyed by Delilah, so does Heracles announce in the Trachiniae that: "A woman, a female in no way like a man, she alone without even a sword has brought me down." Samson bursts the chains of his Philistine captors, Heracles burst the chains of the Pharoah. There are other similarities, but the real question is who would win in a modern day MMA rules match. On the one hand, Samson is not part-god; so Heracles, having suckled on the milk of Hera, has a certain advantage. On the other hand, I think Samson was quite a bit bigger. Size has advantages certainly, but after a certain point you reach minimal returns. Therefore, I'd have to pick Heracles/Hercules as the favorite. Now, what about Gilgamesh ? Who do you pick and why ?
9/7/06 6:22 AM
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Samson by superior hairstyle, Rd 2.
9/10/06 2:22 PM
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Samson, despite his shortcomings had YHWH backing him. Heracles at best had SOME of the Greek pantheon. Thousands of years after both of them and one is long forgotten and the other BILLIONS strong. Samson whoops that ass.

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