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9/28/06 12:26 PM
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Ryan Thatcher
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I just finished reading The Last Assassin by Barry Eisler(the latest book of his John Rain series). One scene depicts the lead character, John Rain, using the SPEAR to take out a bad guy. I recognized the description right away. Then read in the Aknowledgments section the Author thanking Tony and one of his instructors for that specific action sequence. If you're not familiar with Eisler's work you should be. His John Rain series is some of the best stuff I've read. I read all five books in less than a month.
10/25/06 10:33 AM
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Tony Blauer
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Thanks Ryan...Barry is a fan of HIGH GEAR and the SPEAR and was also a guest speaker at one of our combative camps - we've helped him choreograph several confrontaiton for his novels. His last one was very cool, he was in Japan researching and devloping a CQC kife/gun fight and we were on the phone and suddenly I rmembered the INTERNET! I snapped some digital pics and emailed them so he could see the concept...it was very cool. TOny

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