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11/8/06 10:39 AM
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So I'm taking Physics II right. Alot of circuitry, magnetism, optics, and all that good stuff. You'd be impressed at some of these bookworms in class who pop out crazy ass integrals and what not from thin-air. But word to me, once we get to lab they are completely LOST. Its like they all reverted back to being babies. They can't follow simple ciruits, or work a power supply or read an ammeter. Even with using logger pro its amazing how lost these geniuses can be. I'm paired off with one of the more normal guys in class. We're the dudes who get by in the lecture class but have no idea what the hell we just did. So anyway, I was discussing my observation with him and he just laughed saying that the smarties always try to understand while we just try to get the damn thing to work.
11/14/06 5:37 PM
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I know the ones you are talking about. They are incredibly smart when it comes to reading books and memorizing facts, but it seems they have no common sense. I remember being teamed up with an asian girl in one of my physics lab. All semester I thought she was an absolute genius (which she was in terms of book smarts), but when it came to the most simple things like setting up the lab in the most logical way, she was lost. It was almost unbelievable how she couldn't set up the most simplistic devices.
12/9/06 12:48 AM
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Ison Dart
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I have heard of this. I know a guy who is getting is PHd in physics who says this that there is this guy in the program that people think is not that smart, but they all have to have him help them get their experiments to actually work. It is mostly laser stuff that they do. It just means that there is more than one kind of intelligence. Which we all know is true.

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