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11/11/06 7:26 PM
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I have for some time been considering buying a Kalashnikov type rifle but have been hestitant due to concerns over quality and accuracy. Recently I have been looking into a VEPR. From what I have been able to find they seem to be fairly accurate and well liked by those who one them. I was wondering if anyone had experience with them. Also what would you recommend a 7.62x39mm version or a 5.56x45mm version. In reality I will likely only use it to shoot jackrabbits, perhaps coyotes, and for fun although I am intrested in the tatical aspects as well.
11/12/06 3:12 PM
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IIRC VEPRs have a good reputation but I think they are made from heavier RPK receivers. I have a Bulgarian AK with a milled receiver and I think the RPK is even thicker than that. The milled receiver is plenty, plenty strong and you add a significant amount of weight with it over the stamped receiver. I'm guessing the VEPR would be heavier still. Wouldn't be a big problem if you keep it at home and the range but for example if you were taking it on foot for camping I think the weight would really add up. As far as 7.62x39 vs. 5.56x45, aside from the cartridge comparison, the main issue with the 5.56 is finding reasonably priced magazines. I know that was a big issue during the assault weapons ban when I was doing research into AKs and I'm not sure if it's gotten any better. Basically 7.62 is the ubiquitous magazine for the AK platform and 5.45s & 5.56s are rarer, relatively speaking. If you can find a good supply of inexpensive magazines for either cartridge, then it's pretty much a matter of ballistics. There are benefits/detriments to each one, but the argument isn't as heated as 9mm x .45acp. btw, the majority of the concerns re: QC and accuracy with the AK are usually with the crappier variants like the MAADIs. VEPRs will be some of the best. The two major reasons why the AK platform suffers in general is poor sights and crappy triggers. peace
10/3/07 10:38 PM
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I have a norinco Mak-90, very happy with it, shoots great and never jams or mals

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