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SBGI >> Is Silat Alive?

3/9/12 3:24 PM
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Matt Thornton - 
. . .</i>This would just as easily apply to all fantasy based martial arts, ie: wing chun if trained in an alive manner would end up looking just like boxing with greco, so it would be silly to re-invent the wheel and continue doing wing chun once that was realized.

Blast thats this years argument blown out of the water... I would say there are some TMA systems that do look like MMA- pukulan for example but they all seem to tain alive, so thats maybe why.


3/14/12 5:24 PM
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Yup! We really like to simulate fighting with minimal space. That's when all those stuff come in. If you noticed in the stick hand sparring video, we prefer to target the hands and fingers first.

When we duel, it's usually from long range and you're just sniping. Thing is, real blade fights (especially in the battlefield)never start with a square off.
3/31/14 9:39 AM
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smileythai - After watching some of Matt's interviews on google video, I've got a few questions in relation to pentjak silat(specifically maphilindo/mande muda). I know silat has forms/patterns, but it also has lots of interesting throws/submissions which aren't typically seen in other grappling styles. Can silat be made functional by reorienting the training to include non-compliant opponents and sparring? Has anyone incorporated silat into their game? Thanks!

Dan Inosanto has his people spar using a sarong

Herman Suwanda would spare against Eric Paulson. As a kid, his father would force him to fight older, bigger kids just t osee what works.

Eddy Jaffery would ride the NYC subways, pretend he was drunk, stuff 100.00 bills in his shirt and wait for people to try to rob him, so he could kick their ass

Paul and Bill de Thouars have used it numerous time in real life situations..including defending their life against knife attacks.

Charles Joussot - was reportedly the tough bouncer in Europe and is a Silat master

You can make it functional, but, imo, you have to be a very high level player. needing to have train it for many many years before its effective as a art. You can, however, incorporate certain parts of it in your game easily

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