I've yet to find an Aikido school that actually trains realistically. Even the "combat Aikido" school I found didn't do anything real. They went hard, but only with the preset Aikido way of doing things that were totally unrealistic. Examples: When they would grab your wrist, they'd push into you full force... instead of pulling which is why most people grab you. They stepped forward and punched while leaving their arm extended afterwards, while they punched hard, it was from a distance of about 7-8 feet, telegraphed to the point of ridiculousness, and didn't cover any type of real punching. When O Sensei was young, he studied and taught Aiki-jiujitsu, his trainnig was rough and bloody. When he hit his later years, (60s+ )he founded Aikido. You'd be a lot better off learning judo for standup throwing skills, and BJJ for grappling.