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Jen >> Anaerobics -- miracle or curse?

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1/30/07 10:15 AM
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Bolo (and others): I seem to read in most literature that BJJ and MMA in general is more anaerobics than aerobic. What I'm finding however, is that my thinking processes go down the tube when I do the anaerobics. I find although I can sprint faster and move against resistance better my mind becomes incapable of absorbing new material in class and conducting intellectual activities. Do you find the same? I feel when I concentrate on aerobics I'm better able to assimilate new techniques MENTALLY. I can skim a bjj book and absorb most of the material in a few hours, yet when I concentrate on anaerobics (eg Royce Gracie SUPERFIT), I become a phsyical and not mental fighter. In fact the mental aspects suffer because I can't seem to absorb whats being given to me. Do you think aerobics is important in MA training? If so how much? How often. How much sprinting? How much weights. There's no doubt in my mind that University professors have aerobically gifted minds. Its hard to think without that mechanism.
1/31/07 1:36 PM
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A black belt BJJ competition match is 10 min.. Lower belts are less. In most BJJ competitions, it seems like there are long waits between matches. Yes, that seems like working anaerobic conditioning is important. In my BJJ class, my students roll 1 - 2 hours with minimal breaks. That seems to be aerobic to me. Considering that only a very small percentage of people compete in comparison to the entire student population of a school, I don't think that aerobic conditioning should be neglected. Besides that, aerobic conditioning is good for your body in general, so I don't think it should be neglected as far as for your overall health.

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