McGregor vs. Poirier at UFC 178 on September 27

Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier is official for UFC 178 on September 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada, just three days after McGregor beat Diego Brandao,

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Nunes: Rousey's striking not very good, got lucky vs. Alexis Davis 

Amanda Nunes on Ronda Rousey: "Her striking's not very good, She knocked Alexis Davis out because she was lucky... After this fight for sure I'll start training for Ronda."

Baroni: There are only a few of us left 

"You're about to witness a time where the few who remain will battle to the end. Once we're gone, the generation of gladiators will be over and never to return."

McCall: I'm the biggest threat to the title 

Despite a draw and a loss to the currently flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, Ian McCall believes that he is still the biggest threat to take the the title

Spong: 'I can go to the top in the UFC' 

Tyrone Spong talks to the UG's Jonathan Shrager regarding his experience of UFC Dublin, his relationship with Dana White and his desire to fight in the UFC.

Dolce: Cormier could fight at 185, with little loss of performance 

Mike Dolce on Daniel Cormier: "If he wants to, he’ll be able to weigh in at 185 to compete very close to what he competes at as a light heavyweight."

Cole Miller: Fans have been spoon fed McGregor by the UFC 

Cole Miller: " Dana White said Conor McGregor reminds him of Ronda Rousey. That's a pretty bold statement. I told my brother they're both blond. That must be it."

Kennedy: Right now Belfort's injecting anything he wants to 

Tim Kennedy: "Right now (Vitor Belfort)'s down in Brazil, or back in you know California, training his butt off and injecting anything that he wants to and loving it."

Brown: I'm pretty f--king good at what I do 

Matt Brown: "I feel good about where I am, I'm happy with who I am and I'm confident that whatever happens in a fight, I'm confident because I work my ass off everyday..."

Rankings Update 7.21.14: Conor McGregor cracks top ten 

This past weekend's UFC Fight Night Dublin only featured a few meaningful bouts rankings-wise, of most note is Conor McGregor moving to tenth in the division.

Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez booked for UFC 181 

It was already known that Anthony Pettis would next defend his title against Gilbert Melendez after a season of coaching TUF 20, but now we know when.

Mrs. Pickett: An insight into 'the woman behind the fighter' 

Sarah Pickett: "Brad fought last August versus Michael McDonald, whilst I was on my bachelorette party. I was drunk, in the nightclub, watching Brad on my phone."

Rousey: In a perfect world, Cris Cyborg would be a she not an it 

Ronda Rousey: “In a perfect world, she wouldn’t have been taking all those steroids and hormones for so many years that she ceased to be a woman anymore."

Hendricks: I don't care who wins Lawler vs. Brown 

Johny Hendricks: "Realistically, I don’t really care. There’s a part of me that would like to face Robbie Lawler again being healthy. But then again..."

Paul Daley signs with Bellator 

Paul Daley: "I don't have the visa yet. But the charges that were against me and the problems I had with obtaining the visa, they weren't major things."

Poirier: I'll be McGregor's 1st real fight 

Dustin Poirier: "The UFC is my house. I built where I’m at from the ground up, man, and nobody’s going to come in here walking around talking that trash."

Nogueira: I still have what it takes 

Antonio Nogueira: "I will return next year. I have plans to be in shape and fight again, for sure. I want to recover first, and then I will see how I feel."

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