Manager: 50/50 chance Jon Jones returns to the Octagon

Malki Kawa: "If this is the last time we've ever seen him fight and it very well may be, then it's because of a decision he's decided to make."

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Glory 21 Friday 11:00 p.m. ET 

GLORY 21 is available on Spike and via paid live stream at This stream will be geo blocked in the USA and former Yugoslavia.

UFN 65 weigh ins Fri 9:30 p.m. ET 

UFC Fight Night 65 weigh-ins stream live on The UnderGround, Friday at 9:30 p.m. ET from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, courtesy of the the UFC.

Pettis to Nurmagomedov: Humble yourself 

Anthony Pettis on Khabib Nurmagomedov: "I don't wish injury on him ... But he needs to quiet down a little bit, humble himselfm and focus on getting better."

DJ: Where I am from you don't talk $#!^ 

"The way I was raised was, we don't talk $#!^, we don't run our mouth and do that stuff; because where I come from, if you do that, you get beat up on the streets."

Metamoris 6 can only be seen online 

Metamoris 6 at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 9, features an incredible line up of talent, and you can only see it online - there will be no audience, not even media present.

Chris Weidman earns his black belt 

Two-time Div I All American and UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman was awarded his BJJ black belt on Monday by Renzo Gracie and Matt Serra.

Diaz wants Silva rematch, in a ring, with yellow cards 

Nick Diaz: "Move away be much better for the fans and the sport to favor the best martial artist should be fighting in a ring instead of a dog cage."

UFC plans huge upgrade of Hall of Fame 

The UFC has established four categories for its Hall of Fame, as it attempts to bring more structure and lead to it being considered like a major sports Hall of Fame.

Manager: Jones' belt should not have been stripped 

Malki Kawa'>Malki Kawa: "And I definitely just don't agree with the belt being stripped, because if this gets resolved in the next 60 to 90 days, then what?"

The Hulk is new Sea Shepherd ambassador 

Soa Palelei: "I just want to use my social media to get the word out on what Sea Shepherd is all about, and why they're doing this."

Junior dos Santos: Overeem is a better talker than a fighter 

Junior dos Santos: "I’m injured and I can’t fight right now and that’s why he’s saying this kind of things. I wanna see him saying these things when I’m 100% again."

Rumble: I'm the champ if I beat DC, not my fault what happened to Jones 

Anthony Johnson: "I’m the champ if I beat [Daniel Cormier]. It’s not my fault -- it’s not anybody’s fault -- with what happened to Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier on Chael Sonnen's 'punk' comment: 'Remember the source' 

Daniel Cormier: "He said ‘this is my belt,' even though Anderson submitted him. You've got to think of who you're talking to. Remember the source."

Rogan: Did head trauma contribute to Jones' behavior? 

Joe Rogan: "you've got to wonder when you see fighters do wild, crazy s---, how much of that is due to getting bonked in the f---ing head all the time?"

McGregor reveals Vegas 'MAC Mansion' for training camp 

Conor McGregor: "I have secured myself and my team a 7 bedroom, 12,000 square foot gated estate, just off the Las Vegas strip. Welcome to The MAC Mansion."

Dana White to MMA: Stop beating the living $#!^ out of each other ... 

Dana White: "That's what I'm saying. You can't have all the best guys in the world beating the living $#!^ out of each other every day. You can't do it."

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