10 martial arts that will get you killed in real life

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Which martial art is the best for street self defense? This question has been around since the beginning of time and is always highly debated.

Every martial art has something to offer but no martial art can stand on its own. Maybe an Aikido move will work against a drunk, untrained jerk at a bar but it won’t work against an 240lb athletic linebacker-esque attacker, generally speaking.

The main problem in a lot of traditional and exotic martial arts is that they don’t practice against real resistance but claim their techniques will work during a real life scenario. It makes little sense logically. If one never practices against real resistance, how do you know it works against real resistance?

Ultimately, it’s about the practitioner, not the actual art itself. However, if you’ve been practicing a particular ineffective art for long enough, those moves become automatic. And if the automatic moves are not effective, you’re gonna have a bad time in a real self-defense situation.

Let’s take a look at 10 martial arts that would probably get you killed in a real life self defense situation.

10) Aikido

Yes. It looks awesome! But … Regardless of what your Uncle Bob told you about the time he disarmed 3 guys in a bar with Aikido, you’re better off grabbing a beer bottle off a table and using it to defend yourself. It will be just like in a Steven Seagal movie, except you’ll probably win, unless of course, it’s Steven Seagal himself! Grab my wrist. No, the other wrist.



I wish Aikido worked like this against real resistance – that would be something!


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