3 UFC fighters who fought bare-knuckle MMA

Saturday, December 31, 2016

When the sport of mixed martial arts first came to the United States one of the founders and creators, Rorion Gracie, employed a rule that some said made the sport barbaric and cruel. This was not allowing the competitors to wear gloves. His reasoning was simple: he wanted to present the purest form of combat available which included minimal rules.

Years later, scientific studies have proven that it is actually safer to fight without gloves than it is to fight with gloves, even the smaller 4 oz. MMA gloves. This is a discussion for another day, however; one thing is clear: there is something incredibly intriguing about watching a fight with no gloves. In this article we will take a look at three of MMA/UFC’s biggest superstars and their bare-knuckle MMA fights.

3) Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz, like his brother Nick, has been fighting his entire life.  In fact, the reason that Nate started fighting is because, in his own words, “I really didn’t have much going on and my brother Nick threw a pair of gi pants at me and said why don’t you come train with me?”

Ever since then Nate has pretty much shadowed his brother Nick and as a matter of the fact made had this to say on Chael Sonnen’s podcast “You’re Welcome”:

“Man look, I’m a soldier, you know? I’m a soldier and Nick is like the General so whatever Nick says to do I do it.”

So it comes to no surprise that at just 16 years of age Nate Diaz had his first fight in a cramped wrestling room against a grown man…sans gloves.

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