5 CRAZIEST things that happened during an MMA fight

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

For many hardcore fans of MMA, no other sport really compares to the amount of craziness and excitement a good MMA fight can produce.

When you have two highly-trained, elite-level combatants laying it all on the line as they pursue greatness, seeing some guys try to get a ball in a net just doesn`t really compare.

These 5 crazy moments just go to show you why the sport of MMA is unlike any other sport out there.

5) Rampage Jackson’s ‘powerbomb’ slam

Rampage Jackson’s ‘powerbomb’ slam over Ricardo Arona back at PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004 was not only one of the craziest moments in an MMA fight but also one of the most brutal knockouts in MMA history, especially for its time.

Who would have thought a pro-wrestling type move would ever work in high-level MMA?

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