5 GIFs that show what Conor McGregor is actually up against

Monday, August 07, 2017

On August 26 Conor McGregor, the UFC Lightweight champion; a man who has zero experience being in a professional boxing match, will face the best boxer of our generation, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Does the situation look awfully lopsided in favor of “Money” Mayweather? It’s normal. It is. Even if the discrepancy in boxing skills is as wide as it gets between the two men many observers, most notably MMA fans, are convinced McGregor has better odds of winning than what the statistics tell us. What’s more, many claim the Irishman have a serious “puncher’s chance”. Well, that’s undeniable. It is minuscule, though.

Floyd Mayweather is an artist in the ring and has shown time and time again that he’s able to outclass any boxer on Earth, let alone an MMA fighter turned boxer. Let’s have a look at five of Mayweather’s signature moves and let us remind ourselves that he’s probably going to decimate McGregor.

5) The forearm crunch

McGregor’s best shot at winning is arguably using his grappling experience to make the fight dirty. Even then, the effectiveness of this tactic will depend on the referee’s willingness to break the clinch quickly or not.

The forearm crunch
The forearm crunch

Besides, Mayweather is no stranger to grappling during his fights. He utilizes the forearm crunch as a means to prevent his opponent from landing anything significant and frustrate him. It also serves as an offensive weapon, Mayweather being particularly good at firing shots once the clinch breaks off. A sneaky (and very annoying for his opponent) technique that’s he’s skillfully crafted over the years.

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