5 Martial arts movie stars who do their own stunts (GIFS)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

1) Jackie Chan

This Kung Fu and Wing Chun master is one of the Asian martial artists who paved the way for an entire generation of martial artists in film and actually got his start as a stunt double for Bruce Lee.  With over 150 films to his credit as well as over 50 years of acting experience, Chan has become an iconic cultural figure in martial arts films and was one of the first to become known for his willingness and insistence on performing his own stunts. The rumor is he has never used a double and as evidence of his willingness to sacrifice his body at any costs check out the GIF below in which he was electrocuted, suffered a back injury, burned off all the skin on his hands, and dislocated his pelvis!

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

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