5 professional fighters who smoke

Monday, June 05, 2017

Smoking as a professional fighter seems like an absolutely insane proposition. There are not only zero benefits but it wreaks absolute havoc on your cardiovascular system which is highly essential to combat athletes of all kind.

Perhaps back in the day before the dangers of smoking were as well-known it was more common for fighters and athletes to be smokers. Nowadays though with the dangers of smoking so obvious and well-known, it makes little sense why any kind of professional athlete would still do it.

And though the following fighters still have had highly successful careers despite smoking, you’ve got to think they’d be even better without it.

5) Joe Schilling

Joe ‘Stitch em Up’ Schilling is one of the top ranked middleweight kickboxers in the world. He is also very well-known to be a cigarette smoker.

Joe Schilling
Joe Schilling

Surprisingly enough, cardio really doesn’t seem to be an issue for Schilling who’s beaten some big names like Artem Levin and Simon Marcus.

Joe Schilling
Joe Schilling

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