5 things you didn’t know about Joe Rogan that may surprise you

Monday, December 04, 2017

Beloved UFC commentator, comedian, and podcaster, Joe Rogan, has had a lot of success in different endeavors throughout his life. From his competitive martial arts background to his portrayal of ‘Joe Garrelli’ on NBC’s NewsRadio, Joe Rogan is certainly a varied and well-rounded dude with a lot of different interests.

When he’s not commentating UFC events or performing stand-up comedy, you can find him breaking down the universe on his podcast or perhaps even engaging in his latest pursuit of bow hunting.

There’s a lot more to Joe Rogan than meets the eye, and here are 5 things about the UFC color commentator that you may not have known.

5) He almost fought a guy while hosting Fear Factor

Too many people out there, NBC’s Fear Factor is where they first got to know Joe Rogan. During his time as a host, he was seen cheering on countless unfortunate contestants to eat disgusting concoctions of maggots, bull testicles, etc.

But there was also a time when he nearly fought a dude who got a little too aggressive and it didn’t go so well for the guy, as we can see in this video.

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