5 UFC fighters who have multiple black belts

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Black belt. The aforementioned term is one that is widely used, often disregarded, and widely misunderstood.  Unfortunately, Americans (primarily) have bastardized the true meaning of this term as well as what it means to obtain such a rank through the practice of awarding “gimmie” belts, i.e. belts awarded primarily based on attendance records and the practitioners monthly check clearing rather than actual skill level, and the watered down criteria of martial arts instructors looking to satisfy students and their parents.

The rank of black belt indicates a dedication to the craft unparalleled to anything else in the practitioners life and a level of not only skill and ability that is unmatched by the majority of practitioners but also a moral and ethical standard by which the belt holder lives their life on a daily basis.  To achieve a true black belt is generally described as one of the greatest accomplishments of that person’s life and more importantly, helped shape who they are as a person.

The idea of obtaining more than one black belt seems asinine while the idea of holding more than two seems simply unfathomable.  In the list below we will look at 5 UFC fighters who have black belts in multiple disciplines with our minimum starting at three.

5) Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans burst onto the mixed martial arts season after winning The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 at Heavyweight. He would eventually find a home at Light Heavyweight winning the world title in 2008. Evans, who was a NCAA D1 wrestler at Michigan State, also has a very accomplished career in traditional martial arts.

Rashad Evans
Rashad Evans

He has obtained the rank of black belt in Karate, Gaidojutsu (Greg Jackson’s submission fighting system), as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a caveat, Evans earned a spot on our list by obtaining his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Rolles Gracie without ever putting on a gi.

Rashad Evans
Rashad Evans

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