5 UFC fighters you’d want by your side in a street fight

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Although you might want to avoid getting into a street fight in the first place sometimes you have no choice but to stand your ground and protect yourself. Having martial arts knowledge provides a considerable head-start in a street altercation.
You know what else does?

Having a UFC fighter by your side. Because yes, those elite-trained, fighting machines may come in handy if you ever find yourself trapped in a street fight. Obviously, all UFC fighters are tough and skilled, bar one or two exceptions. But some are better suited than others when it comes to an old-fashioned brawl on the street. Here are the 5 UFC fighters you want to have by your side in a streetfight!

5) Bas Rutten

Talk about street fighting experience.

The former UFC world champ has been in numerous brawls all over the world. Bar fights, street altercations, taking on bouncers. Bas Rutten has done it all. His bar fighting YouTube video has reached legend status.

The Dutchman, on top of being an MMA pioneer and UFC Hall of Fame member, has street fighting experience as well. A lot of it. Whenever you need someone to drop fools with liver shots left and right you know who to give a call.

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