The 7 most broken noses in MMA history

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If you do combat sports long enough, you more than likely will end up with a broken nose. A nose is a group of small bones and cartilage, and it’s not built to be punched, kneed, elbowed, kicked, butted, or driven into the ground. The results of same can be disfiguring.

This is the latest f***in’ broken nose in MMA –  Wade Sauer vs. Andy Eichholz at  Full Nelson Productions: Let ‘Er Buck in Pendleton, Oregon. Sauer knocked out “Ice Cold” Eichholz, very breaking his nose in the process.

The nose inspired a flurry of comments across the Internet, aggregated by The Huffington Post, trying to capture how very broken the nose is:
•”So extremely broken that he could double for a Picasso painting,” said NextImpulseSports.
•”All I can picture is Daffy Duck getting hit so hard his bill ends up on the back of his head,” said a Deadspin comment.
•”God, it must be hard to pick that nose,” said someone at B/R.

Image courtesy of Matt ‘The Law’ Llndland

Eichholz now joins a gallant group of very broken noses.

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