Thursday, July 20, 2017

For many casual fans out there, the sport of boxing is dirty and littered with corruption. This is both somewhat false and somewhat true to a certain degree. Compared to MMA, there does appear to be more instances of shenanigans both among the competitors during the fights themselves but mostly it comes from outside of the ring involving dirty promoters, managers, commissioners, and so on.

It’s the instances inside the ring that get the most publicity, though, when fighters themselves try to cheat in some way. While some well-known figures in combat sports will argue that ‘if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying’ and though it may seem like a funny thing to say, it is ethically wrong. In fight sports, you can get seriously hurt or even killed in there. So gaining an unfair advantage over your opponent is not the same as it is in other sports where losing doesn’t have the same dire physical consequences.

The sport of boxing gets a bad rap and it’s incidences like these that support that claim.

4) Antonio Margarito’s loaded gloves

This has been called by many one of the most disgraceful instances of cheating in boxing history. After some suspicions by previous opponents, Margarito was caught red handed applying plaster powder to his wraps by Shane Mosley’s trainer right before their fight. This powder hardens after coming into contact with moisture which means they get heavier and heavier as the fight progresses.

Margarito was subsequently suspended for a year which seems kind of light considering the amount of damage you can do fighting with loaded gloves.

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