The 3 most DEVASTATING low blows ever landed in MMA

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Low blows are an unfortunate part of the sport and while groin protectors usually do a pretty good job of minimizing the damage, you are still going to feel even the slightest tap.

According to Unified Rules of MMA, a fighter who has been struck with a low blow is given up to 5 minutes to recover and most of the time that is sufficient.

However, in some rare instances where the strike connects with much more force than usual, 5 minutes of time is not nearly enough and even 5 hours probably wouldn’t be either.

In these instances of the 3 most devastating low blows ever landed in MMA, the blow landed with such force that recovering wasn’t even an option and the fights were called off.

3) Mirko Cro Cop vs. Alistair Overeem

Getting kneed to the groin from anyone would hurt, let alone from Alistair Overeem who probably has the most powerful knee strikes in all of MMA. Cro Cop had some bad luck with low blows throughout his career it seems, and ate quite a few in his UFC fight against Cheick Kongo which he says cost him some strength.

In this fight against Overeem though, the blow was so hard there was no coming back from it and the fight was called off and ruled a No Contest.

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