Top 4 most bad @ss martial arts training scenes ever

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Martial arts training scenes, also sometimes known as montages when there’s music attached, were pretty common in the martial arts films of the 80s but are seldom seen nowadays.

They added a cool element to the film that showed many of us the value of hard work as well as the power of determination in order to overcome obstacles.

The scenes depicted in these martial arts films also may have inspired us to either start training in martial arts or to just get off the coach and start working out.

4) Rocky 4

Though many do not consider Rocky 4 a martial arts film, boxing is most definitely a martial art and perhaps more effective than many traditional arts out there. The Rocky series really started the whole ‘training montage’ trend and while the first one was most certainly the best, the fourth of the series certainly had the most epic training scene.

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