Monday, July 10, 2017

In MMA, records don’t really mean all that much, especially when compared to other combat sports. In boxing, for instance, records are very important and it is commonplace to fight low-level fighters at the beginning of one’s career simply to build their record before fighting top level competition.

In MMA though, who you have fought and your performances in those fights mean so much more than your record which really is just a number. Also, if you’ve never lost that probably means you’re not fighting top level guys anyway. Though the following fighter’s records may not be pretty, some of them are still elite level fighters and many have even achieved championship status despite losing plenty of fights.

5) Mark Hunt (13–11–1)

Mark Hunt is perhaps the best example of an elite level fighter with not a very good record. If you look at the guys he’s fought though, it really is no surprise.

Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt

He’s fought the who’s who at heavyweight and beaten some big names like Cro Cop, Wanderlei, Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, Ben Rothwell and most recently Derrick Lewis.

Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt

Despite the so-so record, he is currently ranked as the 7th best heavyweight in the UFC.

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