Top 3 most kick@ss bar fight scenes ever

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fighting in bars/clubs, while often glamorized in film, is actually an incredibly stupid thing to do. In a crowded setting, not only are there lots of witnesses, but you can literally be attacked from any angle by either a drunken patron or the bouncing staff who don’t take kindly to trouble-makers.

Real martial artists know to never fight unless they have to but walking away and living to fight another day seldom makes the final cut in movies. Even though in reality bar fighting is not smart, the following bar fight scenes from martial arts films sure made for an entertaining watch.

3) Kickboxer (1989)

This drunken bar fight scene featuring martial arts icon Jean-Claude Van Damme in his prime was actually a form of ‘training’ from his unconventional master. His trainer got him liquored up then picked a bunch of fights for him as a form of sparring.

In real life that would be so not cool but it certainly made for a fun scene.

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