Top 4 craziest mismatches in MMA

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Mismatches can occur in just about any sport really but there is something especially compelling about MMA mismatches. Perhaps it is similar to how we can`t look away from car wrecks, we want to see what happens even though we know it won’t be pretty.

The major difference between mismatches in other sports compared to MMA however is that in MMA somebody is getting beaten up and could get seriously hurt. Matchmakers have a responsibility not only to the fans but to the competitors to put on fair, evenly matched fights. Whoever matched up these following fights did not do their job correctly.

4) Randy Couture vs James Toney

… had mismatch written all over it before it began. Boxer James Tony wanted to test the waters of MMA so who better to give him than a former champion and grappler who would take him down immediately? Toney had no chance in this one and took a beating before Randy was kind enough to finish it with an arm triangle choke.

Randy Couture vs James Toney
Randy Couture vs James Toney
Randy Couture vs James Toney
Randy Couture vs James Toney

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