Top 4 video game martial arts techniques you wish were real

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Martial arts are usually a huge part of the vast majority of fighting video games out there. From classics like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to more recent additions like King of Fighters or Tekken, just about every character comes from a martial arts background.

However, there tend to be some styles and techniques in the game which really have no basis in reality, and these are usually the coolest moves in the game.

Alas, we always want most what we can’t have but imagine just how awesome it would be to be able to pull off some of these badass moves in real life.

4) Hadouken (Street Fighter)

This move from Capcom’s Street Fighter was used primarily by the character of Ryu and was one of the most annoying moves to deal with in the game as an opponent.

People could just spam this technique over and over and there wasn’t much you do about it.

In real life though, launching a massive ball of chi energy at your opponent is impossible though of course, despite what many ‘woo woo’ martial arts masters out there will have you believe.

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