Top 5 largest MMA fighters

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It should be no surprise that the sport of Mixed Martial Artists has seen some of largest and most physically imposing fighters throughout its storied history, so let’s take a look at five of the largest fighters to ever compete in Mixed Martial Arts.

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5) Bob Sapp – 6’5″ 360lbs

Nicknamed ‘The Beast’ for obvious reasons, Bob Sapp started out playing for the Chicago Bears in the NFL and then in in the early 2000’s transitioned to Pro Wrestling and eventually mixed martial arts under Pride and kickboxing for K-1.

Training under the likes of former UFC champions Maurice Smith and Josh Barnett, his most memorable moments in the ring were in 2002. The first of which was against MMA legend Minotauro Noguiera whom he suplexed on his head in the opening seconds of the fight and then of course his back to back TKO victories over K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost a few months later.

During his prime he was one of the most famous figures in all of Japan appearing in numerous commercials, television programs and even released an album.

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