10 headlock escapes EVERYONE should know – Gracie Breakdown

Friday, June 16, 2017

Headlocks are a common tactic for the bully types and big brothers out there but they can also be used aggressively in a self-defense situation on the street as well as the schoolyard so you should know how to defend against them.

In this quick video from the Gracie Breakdown, Rener and Ryron Gracie break down 10 different head lock escapes in rapid fire succession.

However, many of these moves are too advanced for your average Joe and they almost move too fast to fully comprehend each move so it is recommended to just pick 1 from the video that appeals to you and re-watch it about a dozen or so times.

For example the first defense they go over 10 seconds in seems relatively simple compared to other techniques. The maneuver involves prying the attacker’s face away then turning the tables on them, putting them into a guillotine choke.

Another cool one is at the 55-second mark which involves headlock defense against the wall. In this one, you hook your leg behind your attacker’s then slip your head out before putting them on the ground. From this position, it also looks like you could easily take their back too which you could use to finish the fight.

Rener Gracie (born November 10, 1983) is an American-Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, a head instructor at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and co-creator of Gracie University. As a member of the Gracie family, he is the grandson of Grandmaster Hélio Gracie, and the second eldest son of Grandmaster Rorion Gracie, the father of Gracie jiu-jitsu in the United States. Rener is also known as the husband of actress, model and former pro-wrestler, record three-time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres.

Rener has spent over twenty-five years at the Gracie Academy studying under Rorion and Helio Gracie. Rener and his brother, Ryron Gracie created Gracie University, an online martial arts learning center, and developed distance learning packages for the Academy’s proprietary courses.  [Source: Wiki]

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