6’10” 270lbs challenges Rener Gracie and 145lb UFC fighter

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Out of all the martial arts out there for taking on larger opponents, BJJ is the most effective by far. This is because it focuses on using leverage and technique opposed to brute force.

This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the first few UFCs which were dominated by the legendary Royce Gracie. Royce was the smallest man in the tournament yet he dominated all of his opponents using BJJ.

He wasn’t fighting unskilled opponents either. He was fighting dangerous guys who were much larger. Guys like Patrick Smith, Gerard Gordeau, and Ken Shamrock may not be as high level as the fighters of today but were still skilled and dangerous opponents and Royce made it look easy.

In this recently posted video from another member of the Gracie clan, Rener Gracie further demonstrates the effectiveness of BJJ as he takes on a very big and athletic kid who allegedly was convinced that BJJ wouldn’t work on him.

The 16-year-old kid is absolutely enormous and stands 6’10” and weighs 270lbs but like Rener points out in the video description, once the fight hits the ground we’re all the same height.

Rener makes very quick work out of the big kid, forcing him to tap out in mere seconds from a D’Arce choke.

However, Rener Gracie himself is quite a big dude too who probably stands around 6’4″ tall himself. So just to make things interesting they put the same giant kid up against UFC fighter Brian ‘T-City’ Ortega who stands 5’8″ tall and fights at 145lbs. Plus they even give the kid top position to start out and in side control too.

Interestingly enough, Brian makes even quicker work out of him than Rener did despite being more than a foot shorter and around 100lbs lighter.

Ortega quickly gets back to guard then effortlessly locks up a triangle choke, forcing the big guy to tap out or black out.

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