Armed Robber gets SLEPT by Jiu-Jitsu blue belt restaurant owner

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Although these days most people would associate Brazilian Jiujitsu in a sporting context such as grappling tournaments or mixed martial art competition, it is first and foremost a self-defense system that has always prided itself on being able to defeat the largest and most aggressive of adversaries with correct technique and leverage.

In the following incident, BJJ blue belt Albert Cheng was working in the kitchen at his Chinese Restaurant in the French suburb of Bourg La Reine, when suddenly he realized this wasn’t going to the usual morning when he heard his wife scream as she was confronted by an armed robber.

Speaking to, Albert revealed the sequence of events, what his wife did to prompt him to take matters into his own hands as well as the submission he used to save the day.

“When I approached him, he threatened me with his automatic weapon and ordered me not to move and let him do. By an instinct of survival, I obeyed and hid behind the counter. My wife had a fit of rage and threw herself on him and he pushed her away without knocking her down, noticing that his gun seemed more to bother him than anything else, I realized that it was probably a fake weapon I then threw myself on him. We wrestled and I pulled guard, he got up, his jacket having been torn, I continued with a double leg takedown and submitted him with an arm-in guillotine in my guard. “ [h/t]

Fortunately, there was minimal damage taken as Cheng was only left with a bloodied nose and bruise on his forehead.

Have you ever used your BJJ training in a scenario similar to this? Share your thoughts below while you check out how to execute an arm-in guillotine!

Author: Nic is a designer and digital illustrator alongside being a mixed martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his pop culture illustrative work for purchase here.

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