Behold: Justin Bieber’s ‘BelieBar’

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ude Garami is widely known as a “Kimura” in homage to Masahiko Kimura breaking Helio Gracie’s arm with one. After watching this video, henceforth you may call Juji Gatame a “BelieBar.”

Justin Bieber has been transparently using fighting to shift his image from harmless teen idol to something a little more rock and roll. The results have been mixed. While at first glance the idea seems a little suspect, in reality, Justin Bieber is a 22-year-old Canadian guy. It would be a little unnatural if he didn’t care at all about fighting. Further, his father was an amateur Muay Thai competitor who still trains.

Bieber has gotten into the occasional “hold me back” at nightclubs, and done some artful photography sessions with a boxing or MMA theme, but does not seem to actually train. That did not stop him from getting into a beef with Nate Diaz, who good-naturedly recounted the whole thing to Conan O’Brien.

Now footage has emerged of Beiber rolling. With his manager Scooter Braun. Braun is an extraordinary talent manager, philanthropist, and good person. About his grappling ability, you could say he is an extraordinary talent manager, philanthropist, and good person.

Biebs titled this one “Tap out Scooter.”

Good job Justin Bieber, tapper of manager, and bonker of bodyguard.

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Bieber appears to be a normal guy, not out of shape, with an enduring interest in combat sports. He is worth around a quarter of a billion dollars. There is nothing stopping him from actually training in boxing or BJJ or even MMA. Instead – and a little inexplicably – he posts videos on his social network that look like nothing so much as one of those very drunken Russian old man fights.

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