BJJ black belt gets eye gouged in bare-knuckle fight – doesn’t end there

Sunday, March 11, 2018

In this bare-knuckle MMA fight, we see what happens when a BJJ black belt under the legend, Marcelo Garcia, takes on a much larger opponent who’s skilled in the arts of Sambo and boxing and it ends decisively, despite the unsportsmanlike conduct of one of the combatants.

This fight, which took place around 3 years ago, was between BJJ black belt, Chris Civello, and an unnamed opponent who outweighed Civello by some 40lbs.

We see that size and strength (as well as the Sambo background) play a bit of a role initially in the clip below as he is able to ragdoll Civello to the ground pretty effortlessly. However, versus a BJJ black belt, that is probably not where you want to be, especially if that black belt is from Marcelo Garcia who is one of the best grapplers on the planet.

You would think that having a background in boxing too would make you want to keep it standing, especially considering this is taking place in a ring which favors the striker a little more versus a cage.

BJJ black belt gets eye gouged in bare-knuckle fight - doesn't end there
BJJ black belt gets eye gouged in bare-knuckle fight – doesn’t end there

That’s not what this guy decides to do, though, and he falls right into Civello’s game. We even see the larger boxing/Sambo dude try to eye gouge his way out of a triangle that Civello effortlessly locks up in a scummy show of unsportsmanlike conduct that doesn’t faze the Marcelo Garcia black belt.

He taps out from the triangle shortly thereafter. Civello showed his class by respecting the tap here as a lot of guys would put the guy to sleep after the eye gouge attempt and rightfully so. But, Civello showed the true spirit of martial arts here which you can see in the video below.

Another interesting aspect of this video is that the eye gouge, which looked to be pretty brutal, really didn’t do all that much. A lot of so-called martial arts experts think dirty moves like this one can completely nullify BJJ and submissions and we see here that that’s not the case.

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