BJJ fighter responds to dojo storm challenger – someone gets owned

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Before the UFC and MMA rose to prominence and we all found out what works and what doesn’t, dojo storming used to be a pretty common thing in the martial arts world.

Dojo storming is defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

‘Challenging a dojo. It can refer to one or more people who basically like the name suggest storm into a dojo and challenge the people who are there. In the modern age, it’s becoming more uncommon for these things to happen. Which may be a reason for the sudden prevalence of Mcdojos.’

These dojo storms are akin to those old school martial arts flicks and there are some legendary stories out there like when all-time great Rickson Gracie beat down challenger Yogi Anjo in brutal fashion.

In the video below from Athy BJJ in Ireland, we see one such example of a dojo storm that clearly doesn’t go very well for the challenger.

Judging by the video recorder, this challenge match most likely took place some time ago, despite the 2015 upload date.

Once the fight starts, the opening stance of the challenger and the TMA (traditional martial arts) headgear hints at perhaps a background in Chinese martial arts but it is very likely that this challenger has zero training at all and simply watched one too many kung fu movies or has some other issues going on.

Or perhaps he took Bruce Lee’s advice of “the style of no style” far too literally. Also, judging by his physique, it doesn’t look like he’s even spent much time exercising at all in his life.

Not surprisingly, the BJJ fighter absolutely demolishes the foolish challenger within a couple of minutes and believe it or not, it looks like he took it easy on him. He could have pounded him out instantly but instead, he just softened him up a bit in order to lock in the rear-naked choke, forcing the delusional challenger to tap out or black out.

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