Brown belt challenges Jiu-Jitsu instructor – if he wins he gets a black belt, but if he loses…

Friday, September 22, 2017

Challenging your instructor can be a touchy subject in many martial arts. In more traditional arts like karate or Chinese martial arts, it is seen as a total lack of respect but in more modern arts like BJJ, it’s a little different.

In BJJ, your instructor likely rolls and spars with the class on a regular basis and everybody probably knows just where they stack up in that regard. However, if you are new to a school and you walk right in and challenge the head instructor, that is going to come across as a little disrespectful and you’ll probably get embarrassed in front of everybody for your lack of respect.

In this video from YouTube channel JiuJitsuLevelHardTV, we see a funny exchange between a BJJ brown belt and his instructor that involves an interesting challenge – if the brown belt wins he gets his black belt right then and there but if he loses then it is all the way back down to white.

Yikes! That would not be a smart move if this were a legitimate challenge but according to the video description;

Moments of relaxation at the end of GF Team training, everything was just a joke ????
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Luckily for the brown belt, it was all just a joke as the black belt instructor quickly taps him out. He then forcefully (albeit in a playful manner) rips off his brown belt before giving him his new rank as a white belt all over again.

How quickly the black belt taps out the brown really shows you the kind of levels there are in BJJ. Brown belts are no joke either. To your average Joe or a beginner, even a good purple belt will seem like a wizard on the mats and will tap you out left and right.

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