Female BJJ purple belt deals with homeless attacker

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Of all the martial arts out there for a female to train in, perhaps Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is the best of all. This is because BJJ was designed so a weaker person could overcome a much stronger foe using leverage and proper technique.

That’s not to say that all females are going to be weaker than men just the vast majority of them are going to be outgunned when dealing with the male frame.

Case in point, in the following video we see how a female BJJ purple belt deals with a homeless man who attacker her by grabbing her rear end after breaking into her apartment. You even hear the homeless man admit to doing so during the video.

You know you’ve made a terrible error when the group you messed with has you on the ground and they’re saying things like ‘side control.’

The female purple belt is in full control of the encounter but her buddies help her out by pinning down the homeless guy’s limbs. She even starts going for a kimura but her buddies help her show restraint.

Though a purple belt may sound kind of feminine, it takes a lot of work and ability to get to that level as it is the rank you get just before brown belt which is of course right before black.

This video really points out the effectiveness of BJJ even in a female vs male situation. The female purple belt in this situation (along with her friends) showed a lot of restraint and could have easily just choked the guy out or even broken his limbs to teach him a lesson.

Instead, she simply used the power of position and leverage to hold down the crazed homeless man most likely until the authorities arrived but it is unclear how it ended as the video just cuts out at the end.

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