Police try to arrest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Monday, March 27, 2017

Being a police officer is a highly dangerous, stressful job, especially nowadays. You never know what kind of situation you are going to get into or who you are going to come across.

Dealing with a BJJ black belt who is resisting arrest would be a nightmare scenario for an officer which is seen highlighted in the following police training video.

Though most likely someone who has the discipline required to get to black belt level is probably not going to be the type of person to resist arrest. They probably wouldn’t even get into a situation where that’s going to happen in the first place though even some grappling knowledge could potentially give officers a hard time.

According to the video description,

‘DenverMartialArts.com in conjunction with LightningKicks.com and Centurian Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control utilizing modern hand to hand combat tactics to train police on real world scenarios. This sort of training gets the officer to a state of fatigue and adrenaline where they then have to make critical choices on the use of deadly force. The officers have to make many decisions on who and who is not a threat and be able to detain the threat with the appropriate amount of force. These scenarios were carried out at the Kalamazoo Valley Police Academy in Michigan. These types of training are vital for the officers safety and for the community, so the officer is less likely to prematurely use deadly force.’

This video really points out the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu too. The black belt, named Tom Lynn Jr, is in full control at all times and if this was a real life scenario on the street the officer would be in a lot of danger.

It is good to see the officers undergoing this type of training though and getting used to this kind of stress is only going to help the officers do their job that much better.

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