Realistic Jiu-Jitsu in crazy fight scene

Saturday, March 11, 2017

With the advent of MMA and ‘real fighting,’ movies and visual media have had two choices: keep on with the same ridiculous unrealistic fight choreography or adapt and feature fight scenes that are entertaining but believable.

The latter category is fortunately getting more and more popular. It started with movies like the Raid Redemption and has progressed all the way up to John Wick. This scene is from such a movie.

It starts off with a classic pursuit. Our Rockhold-esque hero in a hoodie ducks behind a wall as gunshots wiz by. he ambushes the assailant knocking the gun away with a kick, but then missing a left hook. The two square off to fight hand-to-hand. Their first flurry results in no significant damage.

Then the hero lands a strong headkick that staggers the opponent, who then dramatically removes his glasses before reengaging. The hero seems to be getting the better of the exchanges and lands a flying hook kick which knocks his opponent down again.

Realistic Jiu-Jitsu in crazy fight scene
Realistic Jiu-Jitsu in crazy fight scene

Then the realistic grappling starts when the bad guy catches the hero’s kick and sweeps his back leg. He attempts an ankle lock, but the hero stands up, so he switches to x-guard.

Then he attempts a toe hold, but the hero pushes himself out with his free leg. They stand up and trade more shots. Now the hero is really busting up opponent. He attempts a throw but gets reversed. It looks like the bad guy is a superior grappler.

He lands shots from side control and the wrestling ride position before taking the heroes back to attempt a chokehold. None of his submission attempts work though, and before long he is forced to dive for his gun, lying in the dust. The hero sees this and finishes the fight with an axe kick to the head.

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