Boxing troll tries his ‘light sparring’ gig with the WRONG guy

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In fighting and in martial arts, it is generally a pretty good idea to never spar with anyone you don’t know, especially when it comes to striking. Sparring outside of a proper martial arts/fighting gym isn’t very wise either but people who don’t train probably aren’t going to know these things.

In this video, we see an example of why you should never agree to spar with someone you don’t know as the infamous internet boxing troll, who goes by the name of Charlie Z, tries his ‘light sparring’ gig with someone who doesn’t falter like so many others have before him.

In many of Charlie Z’s previous videos, he takes advantage of naive people who don’t understand fight training and have them agree to ‘light sparring’. He then loads up and cracks them in a manner which isn’t light at all and most ‘opponents’ get flustered and have to quit in rather embarrassing fashion.

Charlie has tried this schtick with the wrong guy several times before which resulted in a few quite brutal and humiliating beatings and, rightfully so almost.

Boxing troll tries his 'light sparring' gig with the wrong guy
Boxing troll tries his ‘light sparring’ gig with the wrong guy

He’s even tried this kind of crap with the current boxing heavyweight champion of the world, Deontay Wilder, and you can probably guess how that went for him. Deontay gave him what would be a ruthless, life-changing beating for most people but Charlie still obviously didn’t learn his lesson apparently.

In the video below, we see what looks to start out as any other Charlie Z video, with him asking an unsuspecting guy to ‘light spar’ in an environment which isn’t at all conducive to safe or effective sparring.

Unlike most of Charlie’s previous unsuspecting opponents, this guy doesn’t get flustered after the initial barrage, however, and it looks like he actually may have some training himself.

While this particular video isn’t as brutal or ruthless as the other previously mentioned instances of Charlie Z’s comeuppance, seeing someone who has some training return fire and give this guy a taste of his own medicine is always nice to see.

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