Chaos erupts after cheap shot during boxing match

Thursday, March 02, 2017

In this footage from an amateur boxing match from Russia, we see an all out brawl break out after one fighter sucker punches another during a break in the action and it gets pretty crazy to say the least.

What starts out as a normal looking boxing affair, albeit a bit amateurish judging by the technique of both participants, quickly goes awry after just about 15 seconds in.

The fighters are exchanging some heavy leather and the referee suddenly calls for a stop in the action. It appears like the one fighter thought he was stopping the fight, which would award him the TKO victory so he celebrates though quite obnoxiously by screaming in his opponent’s face.

His opponent didn’t like that one bit and hits him with a dirty cheap shot that didn’t look like there was much behind it though but was nonetheless uncalled for and classless.

His opponent wasn’t having it so of course he charges at him when all of the sudden the other fighter’s buddies/corner men rush into the ring and the next thing you know an all out brawl is under way and people are even throwing kicks at each other, while wearing shoes.

It is a pretty crazy scene while it lasts, but what is surprising about this video is the action resumes after all that craziness took place.

They go back at and eventually the guy who originally thought he won in the first place gets the actual win this time and both competitors even embrace at the end which is cool to see.

“Arrows Street Fight Championships” by Thrones MMA started in 2011 in Saint Petersburg, Russia as a revolutionary concept in MMA where virtually any amateur fighter can participate in. Each participant is checked in advance to be fit and in good condition by medical panel, and a matchmaking panel selects compatible opponents. [Source: YouTube]

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