Crazy and bloody bare-knuckle boxing fight ends in BRUTAL KO

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Thanks to the internet and YouTube, the once seedy, underground sport of bare-knuckle boxing is now growing quite rapidly in popularity, so much so that even several former UFC fighters have competed in some of their bouts.

In this video from YouTube channel Cage Amateurs UK, we see a very entertaining and exciting bare-knuckle boxing match between two big dudes that makes you see why this brutal sport is getting so popular.

This heavyweight bare-knuckle fight between Davey Price and Gareth Walker took place on  March 10th, 2018 at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, England and was for The Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing’s British Heavyweight Title.

Crazy bare-knuckle boxing fight ends in BRUTAL KO
Crazy bare-knuckle boxing fight ends in BRUTAL KO

However, as we can see in the video below, these guys are wearing hand wraps, which is usually the case in most of these type of ‘bare-knuckle’ fights, unfortunately. Now, the problem with wraps is that, in my opinion, they strengthen and reinforce the hand yet offer no protection for the person you are hitting.

There’s definitely an argument to be made that having no wraps and just having actual bare-knuckles would actually safer as you couldn’t blast away with reckless abandon and would have to pick and choose your shots much more carefully, otherwise, you’d break your hands.

Nevertheless, that’s not how the guys in the video below (or most ‘bare-knuckle’ promotions) do it, but it would be cool if they got rid of the wraps too.

Check out the crazy fight below to see who wins The Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing’s British Heavyweight Title, it ends in a BRUTAL knockout.

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