Fastest KO In Boxing History: 1.5 Seconds

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Quick knock outs are one of the most spectacular occurrences in combat sport. Fast stoppages are perhaps most rare in the sport of boxing, where more thickly padded gloves and the standing count allow fighters to better survive early scares. In 2007, however, fight historians were treated to a fistic anomaly, where a fateful counter right hook ended a professional boxing match in just one and a half seconds.

“The stunning moment dates back to a night in 2007, when two American light-heavyweights came together in a short but sweet night in the Roy Wilk ins Auditorium, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Fastest KO In Boxing History: 1.5 Seconds
Fastest KO In Boxing History: 1.5 Seconds

On June 17th that year, hometown southpaw Phil ‘The Drill’ Williams took on Brandon Burke from Davenport, Iowa, in what was a fight scheduled to go four rounds.
Along with the remarkable record breaking feat that transpired that night, another unusual feature to the night was the delay to the bout due to what the MC on the evening described as a “momentary wardrobe malfunction”, where Burke made his way to the ring in well, fairly revealing boxer briefs described as “comic book pattern trunks”.

It wasn’t to be a good omen for him.

‘The Drill’ on the other hand, stood across the ring from his theatrically dressed foe with an icy glare, psyched up to the gills and ready to make his opponent pay in ridiculously quick fashion – 10 seconds to be exact (including the referee’s count).

The build up moments to the bell ringing and subsequent commentary after the shocking KO that ensued, really add to the spectacular scene, where one fight fan after the knockout can be heard shouting “Phil the drill!”, which was rapped up by one of the sportscasters saying “Good afternoon, good evening, good night”.

It was certainly good night for Brandon Burke.” [Source: Boxing News And Views]

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