Former UFC fighter Chris Lytle fights in bare-knuckle boxing – ends BRUTALLY

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The UK-based bare-knuckle boxing promotion, BKB, has recently enticed several former UFC fighters to compete in their bouts – from Shonie Carter to Melvin Guillard and Cody Mackenzie. Now, it appears they’ve added former UFC welterweight Chris ‘Lights Out’ Lytle to their burgeoning roster.

In this video, we see some highlights of Lytle competing at event BKB 9 (alongside some strange old-timey piano music) and it ends in quite brutal fashion.

Thanks to the internet and specifically YouTube, the sport of bare-knuckle boxing is now growing quite rapidly in popularity and is no longer just a seedy, underground type of deal.

Former UFC fighter Chris Lytle fights in bare-knuckle boxing - ends BRUTALLY
Former UFC fighter Chris Lytle fights in bare-knuckle boxing – ends BRUTALLY

Stylistically, it differs quite a bit from gloved fighting as you don’t have those big padded gloves to hide behind for defensive purposes. Still, though, an experienced boxer or MMA fighter (which Lytle has backgrounds in both) shouldn’t have too much trouble transitioning and will still probably possess a pretty big advantage over fighters with no other competitive backgrounds.

The only issue with this type of fighting is that they are still wearing wraps which kind of defeats the purpose. Wraps strengthen and reinforce the hand yet offer zero protection for the person you are hitting and there’s an argument to be made that having actual bare-knuckles (with no wraps) may actually be safer.

Check out the video below to see how the former UFC fighter, Chris Lytle, performs in this bare-knuckle bout.

Chris Scott Lytle (born August 18, 1974) is a retired American mixed martial artist, boxer and a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Lytle was prominently featured as a Welterweight on The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback. While he is probably best known for competing the UFC, where he held a record of 10-10, Lytle has also fought in the WEC, Pancrase, and the Cage Rage Championships He is the former Cage Rage World Welterweight Champion. In Lytle’s mixed martial arts and boxing career he was never knocked out or submitted, though he did lose in mixed martial arts competition by TKO by way of cut stoppage.  [Source: Wiki]

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