‘Let me bang’ Julian Lane from TUF finally gets his chance

Friday, December 08, 2017

In this recent bare-knuckle fight, we see the infamous TUF veteran, Julian Lane, compete against Jimmy Sweeney – a talented bare-knuckle fighter who’s made a name for himself for defeating several former UFC fighters in bare-knuckle fights.

Sweeney has defeated the likes of Shonie Carter, Cody Mackenzie, as well as Melvin Guillard in the bare-knuckle arena which really is an impressive feat and he made it look easy almost in each of those bouts.

Now, you would think that a guy like Julian Lane would be in over his head in this one, who was unsuccessful in both of his runs on TUF and never even had an official professional fight in the UFC. In case you’ve forgotten just who Julian Lane is, check out this video below to see one of the most cringe-worthy moments ever in TUF history.

Lane’s meltdown, which took place on season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter with coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, was pitiful almost and just embarrassing for all involved. However, in Lane’s defense, perhaps he had some other issues going on unbeknownst to the viewing audience.

But after all of those years after whining like a child on TUF to ‘let me bang!’ Julian Lane finally gets his chance to shine as we can see in the video below.

Surprisingly enough, Lane performs quite well here in this fight. You would think that after all of the success Sweeney has had against UFC-level fighters in the past, this would be another easy win for him.

After all, Julian Lane wasn’t quite UFC level judging by his performances on TUF. Nevertheless, Lane’s ability to ‘bang’ is actually quite impressive, judging by his performance here against Sweeney.

As we can see in the above video, Julian Lane defeats Jimmy Sweeney by decision, awarding him the middleweight bare-knuckle world title. After all of those years spent in turmoil, Julian Lane finally got to bang.

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