Money Mayweather’s most ridiculous purchases

Sunday, March 12, 2017

If you were worth $400 to 700 million, how ridiculous would your lifestyle be? Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s estimated net worth is that amount and his flashy lifestyle and larger than life spending habits are well known. Watch the included video to see Money Mayweather’s 11 most ridiculous purchases.

Floyd Mayweather (born February 24, 1977) started his professional boxing career in 1996, shortly after winning an Olympic bronze medal earlier that year. He retired from boxing in 2015 with a 49-0 record, with 26 of those wins coming by way of KO, and most of the remaining wins coming by way of unanimous decision. He has won world titles in 5 different weight classes. He has won numerous fighter of the year and best boxer types of awards from The Ring, the Boxing Writer’s Association of America, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, BoxRec, Fox Sports, and so on. His place as one of the greats in boxing history is secure. [Source: Wiki]

But the most interesting thing about Floyd “Money” Mayweather has got to be the money factor. His boxing income was unprecedented. His spending extravagance is insane.

Money Mayweather’s most ridiculous purchases
Money Mayweather’s most ridiculous purchases

According to Forbes, Mayweather’s career earnings are $700 million. He was the Forbes Highest Paid Athlete of the Year in 2012 ($85 M), 2014 ($105 M), and 2015 ($300 M). Most of those 2015 earnings came from his fight with Manny Pacquiao, which ceertainly set numerous boxing financial records. Mayweather rocks a number of Forbes 2016 lists as well: #16 World’s Highest Paid Athlete, #54 World’s Highest Paid Celebrity, and #34 America’s Richest Entrepreneur under 40.

With ridiculous earnings, come Mayweather’s ridiculously spending. Mayweather is a guy who owns $15 million worth of cars. He has a $6 million watch collection. He paid for his $7.7 million Miami mansion with cash. He once bet $1.1 million on a college football game. He has one jet for his family, and a separate one for his entourage. And this guy wears the same underwear and shoes only once. [Sources: Investopedia and the LA Times]

You can admire his stacks of cash and big money purchases on his Instagram accounts. Check him out @floydmayweather. Check out his Vegas mansion’s Instagram as well @bigboymansion (yes, his home has its own account).

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